Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, Sheila has a new name, Smoke. She is now, Lisa Barber's house dog, along with the famous, Meg! Meg, needed a puppy after her kittens left home. LOL Lisa just couldn't give this girl up. Sheila took to Lisa right away! They connected and Lisa was DONE! Smoke wouldn't listen to the kennel helpers, and drove them crazy. But, she would do anything for Lisa. Well, I said she was smart! LOL ;) God bless you Smoke! Happy trail, girl!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Almost 7 Weeks!

Sheila, is the 'trail-blazer' of the group. She is clever and will find a way to get where it is she wants to be! Her and Bubbles are very similar, but Sheila is darker and heavier. Sheila reminds me of her father's littermate Ander. She is a girl that will make someone very happy, if they are looking for a dog to do things with. She will thrive on adventure and learning! Sheila, like Bubbles, is happy/ kissy/ friendly and a real people pupster.

5 Weeks Old

Bubbles (left) and Sheila (right) These girls are definitely plush!

Sheila, is our 'smarty pants'. She has broken in and out of different pens, 5 times! None of the others have done this even ONCE! What's that tell ya? ;D
These are both calm, sweet and cuddly girls. Although they look the same size, under all that fluff... Sheila is much heavier. Bubbles is the light weight, of the group, but, she doesn't show it.

3 Weeks Old

Here she is (on the right) with sister Bubbles (on left)

16 Days Old

Here she is being held by a very happy Sheilajeanne. Her eyes are wide open now. Puppy breath! Can't get any better than that!

10 Days Old

Ten days old and growing like a weed!

1 Week Old